Breast Pain Management

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Pain is one of the most common breast symptoms experienced by women and management requires careful assessment and diagnosis. There is often understandable anxiety associated with the symptom, particularly about breast cancer. This worry is often the reason women seek medical evaluation. The risk of cancer in a woman presenting with breast pain as an isolated symptom is extremely low and suitable reassurance can usually be given.

Breast pain is uncommon in men. Pain and tenderness may occur in men who develop gynaecomastia secondary to medication, hormonal factors, cirrhosis and other conditions. Cyclical breast pain is confined to women but both non-cyclical breast pain and extramammary pain can occur in men. The assessment of these types of pain is similar for men and women.

Breast pain is typically approached according to its classification as:

  • Cyclical breast pain - breast pain that has a clear relationship to the menstrual cycle, and the most common type of breast pain.
  • Non-cyclical breast pain - may be constant or intermittent but is not associated with the menstrual cycle.
  • Extramammary (non-breast) pain - is interpreted as having a cause within the breast but arises from elsewhere (the chest wall or other sources).

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